September 12, 2019

45 RPM

This week the guys SLOWLY get back into form by doing what they do best -- praising those who find humor where most people never look. They also delve into the logic of a comedy icon, explore the religious threats of a fictional wizard, and wonder whether adult entertainment will one day need more mechanics than fluffers.

Also, we cover Fred Durst's collaboration with John Travolta ... because that's the world we live in. It's a slow-burning 90 minutes that gets a fiery boost from alcohol in the second half.

September 5, 2019

Why, Ray?

This week the guys try out a new studio for a night (with Dave's wife and brother-in-law, to boot) but settle in comfortably by covering familiar territory. Craig is reminded that his face is always a target. Dave still forgets his wife. Brad is still on the girly seltzers, meaning the dead still aren't safe. And we anticipate the awful reasons some of us will be remembered.

To cap off the night we pull out the big guns and recall the impossible, unbelievable, "its-so-crazy-it-has-to-be-true" legacy of local legend, Uncle Ray. There's a ton of hard laughs on our way to answering the question, "Why, Ray?"

August 29, 2019

Drowning in Chaos

What happens when you add two mics and four X chromosomes to Needless to Say? Utter and complete chaos, that's what. We recorded nearly three hours of raw audio with our friends Kristy and Mandy, covering a WIDE range of topics, and all that survived was the 1:25 you see here.

But that doesn't mean we didn't have a blast doing it. By now, you know what to expect, and this episode delivers in every way.

August 23, 2019

HR. Snuff. And Stuff.

Chairs creaking. Cans launching. Coolers slamming. Planes flying. Crickets mating. And in between those sounds, Craig, Brad and Dave discuss Jeffrey Epstein, Patricia Heaton, advertising censorship, deep fake videos and about 400 other topics.

Noisy as hell but worth the headache, it's the guys how you expect them to be. (And trust us, the show title will make sense about three minutes in...)

August 15, 2019

101 Hangovers

This week, the guys limp and crawl their way back to the table to kick off their second 100 episodes. And along the way they discuss some unfinished business from last week, take a few shots at redeeming themselves, then break into the skull for some more randomness about comedians, horror movies and -- ahem -- recent mistakes they've made. 

(Also appearing: One mouse and one skunk...)

If you were worried that Needless to Say was going to change and evolve, this episode will be all the reassurance you need.

August 8, 2019

NTS Turns 100!

After a few weeks away, Craig, Dave and Brad are back to celebrate 100 episodes of Needless to Say... The boys get a little nostalgic about the show's best moments, pay tribute to a local furniture hero, then share the worst, most offensive seven minutes in our podcast's history.

Also, a lot of friends and family share their best wishes on our big milestone (well, most of them anyway). It's a fun, occasionally nice, but still ridiculous episode that should tug on your heartstrings, as well as other body parts.

Sincere thanks to everyone that's stuck it out with us -- if you ever took part in the show, we thank you, even if we forgot to mention you on the air. We owe you the world.

July 25, 2019

The World is Revolting

In the final show before the guys celebrate 100 episodes, they start out asking some deep questions about weather, climate and natural disasters. Then they get back to normal by making fun of Area 51 raiders, Bagel Boss jackhats and the amazing Running Butthole Challenge.

Despite their better judgment, this is also the first episode sponsored by Endeavor Podcast Solutions (@podcastendeavor). We just hope it won't be the last.

July 19, 2019

Trending Downward

This week, the guys get back to normal... just three mics, some familiar themes and a more-controlled sense of chaos. They discuss internet trends, why our fads were better than current ones, and even some of the biggest popular mistakes throughout history.

Also, we learn that Craig doesn't know what a trend is. Put pillows on the floor to catch your jaws. Trust us.

July 10, 2019

Babble of the Sexes

This week, the guys add FOUR extra mics, as they welcome in some old and new friends alike. And for the first time ever, it's an even split of men vs. women... so they dive into the topics that divide us, and try to find common ground in the first-ever NTS game show. 

Loud. Chaotic. Occasionally surprising. This was as fun as any recording we've done in nearly 100 episodes.

This week, the guys TRY to get back to a regular show format, but are completely thrown astray by their awesome guest (and old friend) Wayne, who hit them with unexpected discussions of infidelity, moisture, vasectomies and Comic-Con -- often in the same story. They also talk about the Fourth of July, and Craig's weird need to kiss the asses of celebrities.

Oh, it started out so well. We were going to talk about summer vacations and travel... then we started down memory lane and before you know it, we started a tirade against Native American fast food. Yep, it's silly and sloppy... but damn, we had a good time. 

June 19, 2019

Chad Thai

This week, Brad starts out with some sad news, but with the help of Dave and Craig (along with some ridiculous headlines) the show manages to find a little catharsis along the way. From the peaks of Mt. Everest to the depths of straight pride and tainted Asian takeout, this episode turned out to be way funnier than anyone could have expected.

Though he may not have always been into this show's brand of humor, Brad's father loved the idea and spirit of Needless to Say, which is why this episode is dedicated to his memory.

June 12, 2019

Gorilla Cookies

This week, Craig, Dave and Brad decided they wanted to do a "back to basics" episode, discussing headlines, recasting "Sanford and Son," making horrendously tone deaf jokes and letting the conversation go wherever it wanted. The results? Well, have at it.

This week, Dave, Craig and Brad welcome their first guest from outside their collective gene pool -- comedian extraordinaire, EJ Edmonds. Over the course of a few hours, they cover the rules of comedy, sensitivity to jokes, bad music and the bullshit that is "too soon." Also, EJ explains how he'd romance Brad's dog … but you'll have to listen to find that part, PETA.

Check out our new friend at, or on social media @mrejedmonds

May 30, 2019

Banging Bigfoot

This week, after a show that got a little serious, the guys decide to turn off their brains and let their inner idiots take over. They cover a few "listener suggestions" that lead to bad dating advice and new theories on yetis and sea monsters.

Then, because it's tradition, we celebrate Dave's looming birthday with a little roast at his expense.

May 23, 2019

Oh, the Humanity!

This week, Dave, Craig and Brad cast their nets a little wider than usual, moving away from actors and movies to discuss the world's horrifying truths and shifts in humanity ... alongside the fact that most people just accept things as reality, even if they want something better.

Don't worry, there's plenty of mean jokes, too -- it's not like they're all "acceptable" and "decent" now. But it's a different kind of show for the boys, after a few weeks that seemed a little too much alike.

On this bonus episode of Needless To Say Craig and Dave ditch the other guys and bring in a very special guest -- Raeann -- Dave’s wife and Craig’s cousin -- to talk about their favorite show, Game of Thrones.

That's right, the ruler of Breastaros joins the guys for an in-depth discussion about the show and its horrible fans, making some daring predictions for the series finale.

This week, all four guys get together to discuss celebrity privilege, public perception, the fallacy of (most) charity, and Sally Struthers' rice-sprouting, fly-covered saddlebags. If that doesn't sound like a recipe for greatness, we don't know what does.

Also, Dave has a date with a 9-year old, Craig struggles with pictures of his cousin, Brad spits beer because of Melanie Griffith's lips, and Mike forgets where he is about halfway through the episode.

This week, Brad, Dave and Craig get together to dive deeper into their love of bad movies and worse actors, focusing mostly on those B-list celebrities who we all know by face, but definitely not by name -- the "That Guys" of Hollywood.

Also, the irrational hatred continues, with Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen getting the full Swayze treatment this time around.

This week, Craig, Dave and Brad hang out in the new Studio B to discuss Conan O'Brien's joke theft trial, hack comedians, joke stealing throughout history, and more chat about the "unwritten rules" of comedy. They're **obviously** not the experts, but it's an interesting conversation all the same.

The guys also make "Avengers" predictions AFTER the movie came out, and then get irrationally mean about Patrick Swayze. So there's that. #timing

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